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introduction: definition of pets, the rate of raising pets of different age groups. What are the possible reasons that the rate is various in different age groups.


Main body1: the people whose age is  over 50 raise pets with a higher rate, because of the sense of lonely.


Main body2: the people whose age is below 20 raise pets simply because of the lovely appearance.


Main body3: the rich people whose age is between 35-45 purchase the expensive pets as their status symbol.


Cluclusion: some social problems:old people are lonely because their kids go out for work, which means we should pay more attention on old people. The young people cause a lot of pets become homeless dogs or cat, for they lack of the sense of responssibility. The rich people buy the pets as commodities, they use them as tools to show off, this common practice should be considered seriously.



statement1:people whoes age is over 45 always raise pets with a higher rate because of the sense of lonely.


statement2: the reason of raising pets people whoes age is within 20 is that they simply think pets are lovely 


statement3: different carer will influence the reasons and rates of raising pets.

AS-D attitudes towards high school

Generally speaking, Students will hold positive attitude towards high school if the school changes in some aspects.

Specifically, Joe claims that the school rule is not reasonable, we are not to bring our own phones to school, while it's a convenient contact way. And there are hidden dangers of seurity problems, the tumble-down elevators of new building is not reliable. Kristen propeses that she always feels tired about school because of the rigid rules. J.R mentions that students should actively gainning points, not only study points, but also ethical ones.

brief introduction of my topic (changed a little bit)

In this era, citizens more like  to raise  pets in various reasons. The rate of raising pets of different groups are unsimmilar to others. What drives various people to raise pets, Is it merely a pute hobby, or related to social problems?


Once I realized that people raising dogs are not for guarding, raising cats are not for deratization, raising lizards are not for decorating. people raising distinct pets vary in reason. 


This will be considered in two aspects.  First, I'll reveal the rate of raising pets of different age groups and the reasons they raise pets. Second, the reasons and the kinds of the pets they raise of special community(if I can find adequate information): melancholia, homoerotism, politician


We should pay attention on this.

Why the rate of rasing pets of different age ranges different

In this era, citizens more like  to raise  pets in various reasons. The rate of raising pets of different age ranges are unsimmilar to others. The rates are listed below 

What will the world look like in 20-100 years